Conchord Guitar
Conchord 26
The Southern California Filk Convention
Town & Country Hotel, San Diego
October 10-12, 2014
Life, Death, and Beyond
Music Guest of Honor: Bill Roper
Bill Roper has been active in Filk since before 1980. He has received three Pegasus awards for his songwriting: one solo, two shared. Bill deals Filk at conventions and has produced and distributed recordings of many artists. He is also noted as a moderator of chaos-style filksings.
Interfilk Guests: Matt Leger and Mary Mulholland
Matt Leger has received a Pegasus Award for "A Simple Country Doctor" and also been nominated for Best Writer/Composer. Besides that, he wrote the "Evil Overlord" song, a perennial favorite. He handles both serious and funny material and is an inspired performer.
Toastmaster: Marilyn Miller
Quoted from the Westercon 62 website:
Marilyn Miller was eight years old when she began singing in the school chorus. She's sung a little opera, a little musical theater, classical, standards and folk music. She's hauled her trusty guitar to accompany herself at political rallies, libraries, jails, schools and hospitals. She has played piano to accompany herself in restaurants, clubs and social gatherings. She has sung at weddings, funerals and other solemn events. She has sung solo, and in small groups and large ones here and abroad. She's directed choirs of all kinds — from children to septuagenarians. She's composed scores of projects in her mighty mini electronic music studio. And she's loved it all. But... It was a tad lonely. Then one day, she met Mac, a loud-mouthed, opinionated Computer who loved every kind of music - and who could play them all. And he shared her love of Science Fiction, as well.

In addition to everything you've come to expect in a local SF convention like Conjecture, we will have old ConChord favorites, including:

Kazoo awards: That's right: awards made out of plastic kazoos and… other ingredients. See Kay Shapero's photos of past Kazoo awards for examples. The Totally Tacky and Tasteless Revue: Do you find Weird Al Yankovic songs too tasteful? Do you like horrible and inappropriate filk songs? Do you wish you could have been on the Gong Show? This is the event for you.  
Concerts by our guests and other notable names in the community One Shots and Twofers! Dare to share!  
Filkers from up and down West Coast and elsewhere, including some regular LAFA attendees. Open Filk Circles 24 hours a day  

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    Conjecture Chair     Kate Evans
    ConChord Chair     Nick Smith
    Filk Programming     Barney Evans
    Sound     Barney Evans & Greg Gross
    ConChord Webmaster     Barry Gold
    Kazoo Awards     Kay Shapero
Some of our members have been kind enough to provide photos and other history of past ConChords.
Kay Shapero    Past Kazoo award winners, with photos of the 2005 (ConChord 19) Kazoo awards
     Photos from ConChord 20 (2007)
Barney Evans    Some ConChord History, including both a timeline for ConChords 1 through 11, and photos for ConChords 13 and 16 through 22.


For a list of other filk conventions, see Kay Shapero's When/Where's the Next Filk Con?.

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